Saba Sabine

This rather nice looking radio came to me for repair from a family member who had bought it new in the middle of the 1950's.  He found it again after many years of inactivity and made the mistake of plugging it straight in and turning it on.  When it didn't work, he came to me and asked me if there was anything that I could do to get it working again.  A cursory glace proved my suspicions.  The main smoothing capacitor across the mains supply had burst.

The owner wanted to retain the radio as original as possible, but was quite happy for a new part to be installed to replace the faulty capacitor, so I swapped it for a Wima FKP 1 and then powered the radio up using a series lamp limiter.

Everything appered to work correctly, and so the limiter was removed and after a short warm up, I was rewarded by the radio playing music for the first time in many years.

The circuit itself is fairly conventional.  It uses U series valves and has a live chassis.  A UCC85 is used in the VHF front end, a UCH85 as mixer and local oscillator, UF85 as RF amplifier, UABC80 as demodulator and first AF, UL84 as AF output and a UY85 rectifier. 

There was a certain amount of warm up drift, and indeed the radio carried on drifting rather more than I would have liked, but this most likely due to some leaky capacitors in the RF parts of the circuits.  Ideally, I would have liked to have replaced all of the potentially dodgy ones - but the owner didn't want to do this, preferring to tweak it back on frequency every once in a while. 

Finally, a picture showing the replaced component. (The blue capacitor at left)