Heathkit Signal Generator

This Signal Generator was built by my Father from a Heathkit.  It has worked very well for many years, but when I borrowed it to align my Berrow Transceiver, it wouldn't work.

Having opened the box, everything seemed to be working correctly.  The voltages compared with the manual checked out correctly, and there didn't seem to be any reason why there was no output signal.

However, I then discovered that by wiggling some of the wires in the vicinity of the attenuator switch, I could get some form of output signal.  Therefore, the switch was removed and cleaned.

Sure enough, the contacts on the switch were pretty dirty, and having cleaned them up with some isopropyl alcohol, and put the signal generator back together, everything worked again.

At the same time, I decided to do something about the mains cable.  Two core flex of this type was dubious even in the 1960s - but it is totally unacceptable today.  No earth means no protection if the case becomes live.  I replaced the mains cable with a modern, three-core cable and earthed the cabinet.

With its new mains cable, and cleaned switch, the signal generator is sure to give many more years of good service!