Harlequin Spectrum

One of the things that annoyed me slightly about the ZX Spectrum, was the ULA.  The custom Ferranti chip that takes care of much of the Spectrum internals.  Why was I annoyed?  Primarily because it stopped me understanding what my Spectrum was doing "under the hood".

When Chris Smith released his book "The ZX Spectrum ULA", I was one of the first to get hold of a copy.  Of course, I wasn't the only one!  This excellent book has enabled many people to understand the Spectrum in ways that were not possible before.

The Harlequin is one of the projects that has come about as a result of this book.  Originally designed by Don "Superfo" Dindang, the latest incarnation of the kit has been organised by Ingo Truppel.

This is an incredibly exciting project!  For the first time in over 20 years, it is possible to buy a new Spectrum.

Ingo has done an incredible job of getting the kit together.  I have built many kits over the years - primarily relating to Amateur Radio - but I can honestly say that this is one of the most professional kits that I have come across.  My kit arrived, well packed in a nice small box.

Opening the kit, revealed a mass of parts ready for soldering. 

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to start building the kit immediately.  However, this was probably for the best.  Like a fine wine, building this project should be savoured!