Berrow CW Transceiver

In order to get the ball rolling on my homebrew station, I have decided to build Walford Electronics latest offering, the Berrow.  This is a single band rig, which offers 1.5W out on any band from 80m to 20m. 

Once the kit arrived, I set about checking to make sure that I had all of the parts.  Fortunately, everything was there apart from a couple of capacitors.  A quick e-mail to Tim Walford saw the missing capacitors on their way.

The kit is fairly complicated, so I made sure I took plenty of time to look through all of the documentation before I actually made a start on building something.  I have learnt from past experience that a little bit of time spent at the planning stage can save quite a lot of time later on!  The circuit itself is extremely elegant which seems to be a feature of Tim Walford's Kits.  My Father built a Taunton Transceiver a few years ago which was also a very elegant design.

The Kit is constructed using a grid system to place components on the PCB, so I made a photocopy of the grid and the circuit diagram so that I could have both of them visible while I am constructing the project without having to flick back and forth through the documentation.

Click on the links in the menu to see further details of the construction as they progress.